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Declaraciones de conformidad CE.

  • What is intertechno Selection?
    With intertechno Selection your intertechno Smart Home becomes powerful. Operate your existing consumers (lights, lamps and electrical devices) via app (incl. remote access). Address the intertechno receivers using Amazon Alexa and Siri or link them to hundreds of third-party manufacturers (e.g. Philips hue, Somfy, Spotify, Tuya, ...).Create scenarios so that dozens of commands can be executed with just one click to create a cozy atmosphere. The integration of IFTTT webhooks extends the system boundaries and allows access to your favorite playlist or mood lighting from third-party manufacturers such as Philips hue. Create automation rules (IF-THEN-ELSE relationships) and set various triggers, such as climatic conditions (weather, wind speed, air pressure, temperature, ...). Adapt the properties of sensors depending on the daily routine. Learn more about:
  • Is there a compatibility list?
    You can find the compatibility list on the respective product page in the shop.
  • What is the range between transmitter and receiver?
    Up to 30m indoors depending on construction.Much further in the open field.
  • What affects radio transmission?
    Many options for influencing the radio transmission can be switched off by the user himself. Note the following tips: What is interfering with the radio: First of all, all radio devices on the same frequency can interfere with the "continuous radio", such as wireless weather stations, wireless headphones or wireless speakers. What hinders the wireless range:The biggest enemy is the metallic shielding, i.e. sheet metal cladding, metal frames in front of and also immediately behind the receiver, but also e.g. wired glass. Often with good intentions too long wires are left in the wall boxes (behind the socket), the electromagnetic fields of which weaken the reception. Motors or lights can also interfere. How do I determine if a broken or faulty device or malfunction is affecting operation: Retest the receiver in a different location (on a different circuit, if possible). Test the devices at a short distance.
  • Why should a minimum distance of 0.5 m be maintained when installing several receivers?"
    All electrical devices (including radio receivers) emit small amounts of radiation and can affect a radio signal during operation (interference). In order to ensure problem-free switching, we therefore recommend keeping a minimum distance of 50 cm between the radio receivers.
  • I can turn on my wireless switch but not turn it off. Is it broken?"
    Sometimes turning it on works better than turning it off, here's why:The receiver receives a radio signal and switches on. The connected consumer disturbs the reception, so you cannot always switch off.Remedy: Increase the distance between consumer and receiver, never roll up live cables near the receiver (not even in the socket behind the receiver!).
  • How do I get a synchronous behavior of the dimmers?
    This is only possible by controlling the intertechno receiver via app. The brightness can be regulated very precisely in percentage terms via the apps.
  • I switch LEDs via radio receiver, but they glow. What can I do?"
    You can use any on/off receiver to switch LEDs!Smoldering phenomena can occur with the products ITDM-250, ITL-210 and ITL-250. An LED friend (BPM-1504) can remedy this.
  • Can I also use the ITL 210, ITL-230 or ITDM-250 dimmer/switch module in a two-way circuit?"
    Would be possible, but you would need to run an extra wire between the toggle switches. We therefore recommend using only one switch and replacing the 2nd switch with a radio wall transmitter or radio twin transmitter.
  • I operate my outdoor lamp with a motion detector and a wall transmitter. If I switch on with the wall transmitter, the lamp switches itself off again. What can I do?"
    You switch on the light with the wall transmitter. When the motion detector is triggered, it also sends an ON signal (which is ignored). When the time is up, the motion detector sends an OFF signal and the receiver turns the light off again. You can avoid this effect with the built-in switch ITL-2000 by programming the motion detector and the wall transmitter to one of the two channels.
  • I don't want to leave any live lines in my bedroom to reduce my exposure to electrosmog. Is the?"
    Yes, by installing the ITDL-1000 circuit breaker in the supply line to the bedroom or directly in the fuse box. With 2 relays, this switches both the conductor and the neutral conductor of the bedroom completely free of the mains.
  • What types of transmitters and receivers are there and how are they compatible?
    There are 2 types of radio codes at intertechno:-Coding wheel code (is set using the coding wheel) -Teaching codes (one code is chosen at random from 67 million) You can find an overview of compatibility on the respective product pages.
  • How long does the battery in the transmitter last?
    The transmitter battery is designed for up to 20,000 switching operations or 3 years.The quality check was already carried out during the final inspection of the devices, which may affect the life of the battery. Batteries are therefore excluded from the warranty.
  • What is the standby consumption when switched off?
    The standby consumption of intertechno radio receivers is <0.5W. A real power meter is required for the measurement.
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